Soapboxing On The Deplorable State of American Education…


An “exciting” and nerdy display at my local library.

 One of the greatest challenges to liberty is the decline of personal responsibility and the accompanying desire for “protection” from harm, hunger, unemployment, and so forth. A society that fosters citizens that can take care of themselves but are also willing to help neighbors who are in need will develop the fabric of social cooperation that makes a nation stable and healthy. In this way, no one imposes on anyone else and all charity is given from genuine concern for the other’s well-being. A major contributing factor to the erosion of personal responsibility seems to be a mediocre public education system that leaves students with no conception of the importance of integrity and hard work. Alternative schools, such as private schools and homeschools are making great strides towards changing the schooling culture, but as long as the federal government has a vice grip on America’s educational system, we will continue to see lower standards. Returning America’s school systems to local control is the best way to improve the educational system and grow a generation of individuals who know what it means to be a good individual and a good neighbor. If bureaucracy is slashed, parents will have more influence and teachers will be more accountable. Continued growth of competition from private and charter schools will keep public schools accountable, but without a substantial reforms of the American public school system, we will be left with students who are not equal to the blessings of liberty and do not know its value.


One thought on “Soapboxing On The Deplorable State of American Education…

  1. Peter says:

    A government with an ill educated population is in control. The reversal of this trend must come from local control before individual excellence is forever doomed to mediocrity. As a professor teaching millennials at a professional school we have no time to waste.

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