Competition: The Heartbeat of Innovation

Here my first letter Letter to the Editor, published in the Indianapolis Star:

Like Richard Harris (Letters, July 5), I agree that our nation’s health-care system is flawed and in need of a major overhaul. But instead of putting more restrictions and price controls onto an already heavily regulated part of our lives, we can improve health care by giving doctors, hospitals and insurance companies the ability to compete to serve their customers in a free marketplace.

As we’ve seen in the rising cost and plummeting quality of public education, any time the government starts pumping money into a system, fraud, waste and inefficiency are sure to result. A bureaucracy can’t know what is best for each person. Peeling back the mountains of pointless paperwork and burdensome regulations will free up doctors and nurses to spend more time treating patients, and will make it easier for hospitals to compete with one another to provide the best care. And that is really the heartbeat of innovation.

Katie D’Amour

A big thank-you to Dox Boudreaux of Cafe Hayek for his Letter-to-the-Editor writing workshop at FEE’s Communicating Liberty conference! His encouragement and advice were inspiring.